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A magical place in a small corner of the world

Bringing you treasures as unique & magical as you are since 2001

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The story so far...

The building perched on top of a hill that houses my creations is permeated in the scent of tree resins & incense, twinkling with exotic lighting & the brickwork foundation shaken from the gentle repetitive rhythms that have been played through its bones. It has been a comfort to many in the last 2 decades, activating the senses of those that have stepped across its threshold. Light, sounds & smell, many needing to return for more!
Often named 'Wonderland' or Aladdin's cave, we dwell. Three floors nestled in this little corner of the world in a small fishing port steeped in history, folklore and spiritual heritage & globally renowned as 'Whitby'
Since 2001 GutsyGingers took the plunge from being a free spirited travelling individial trading my bizarre & ethnic finds at UK wide festivals to being drawn to these four walls ( many have said over the years or would argue that I was sent ) I fell in love instantly with its quirks and its energy and knew it would be the right foundation to build my dreams on, and I certainly have done that!!!

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4 Brunswick St, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 1RB, UK


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